Sampson Excavations was established in 1998 to offer earthmoving services to the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Sampson Excavations has been active with local council and state government projects, completing works in support of local infrastructure.  Such works include roadways, rail, water, parks, gardens, amenities and currently beach and waterway restoration. Sampson Excavations regularly completes earthwork projects for the local community, and supports a diverse local business community with its wide variety of earthmoving requirements. 
We are in business to offer a high standard of workmanship, backed by a machinery inventory equipped with a wide variety of machine attachments supporting our small specialised earthmoving equipment. 
We remain committed to the environment and keeping Australia green.  We're careful to consider our environmental footprint by keeping our machinery well maintained and always serviced to the manufacturers specifications.
We support our local community and are proud to call Queensland home!